Welcome to the Laboratory for High Power Electronic Systems

The research at the Laboratory for High Power Electronic Systems (HPE) focusses on high power converter systems including operation at medium voltages required for example in future energy distribution for renewable energy sources or in traction applications. A further research focus is on solid state pulse modulator systems for medical applications or accelerators (PSI, CERN). Below you can find examples of systems, which have been investigated at HPE:


Based on an comprehensive scientific approach, fundamental research challenges are adressed in the following main areas:

  • New medium voltage DC and AC converter concepts (E.g. Multi-level/-cell topologies, advanced packaging, integrated thermal management, etc).
  • Multi-domain modelling and optimisation of converter systems (E.g. Pareto optimisation, sensitivity analysis, model order reduction, virtual prototyping, etc).
  • Advanced passives (E.g. Integrated cooling concepts, integrated EMI filtering, transient modelling, etc).
  • Solid state pulse power technology (E.g. direct modulator, hybrid pulser systems, pulse transformers, ultra precise pulsers, etc).
  • Hardware-in-the-loop simulation systems (E.g. Ultra high dynamic arbitrary AC and DC sources, control concepts, etc).

In the modern and fully equipped laboratory, the concepts proposed in the different research areas are validated by prototype systems based on the latest technologies.