Prof. Dr. Juergen Biela


Physikstrasse 3, 8092 Zürich

Room ETL F16
Phone +41 44 632 69 22
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Curriculum Vitae

Jürgen Biela received the diploma (with honours) from the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany in 2000 and the Ph.D. degree from ETH Zurich in 2005, all in electrical engineering. In the course of M.Sc. studies he dealt in particular with resonant DC-link inverters at the Strathclyde University, Scotland (term project) and the active control of series connected IGCTs at the Technical University of Munich (diploma thesis).  

He has worked at the research department of A&D Siemens, Germany, from 2000 to 2001, where he focused on inverters with very high switching frequencies, SiC components and EMC. In July 2002, he joined the Power Electronic Systems Laboratory (PES), ETH Zurich for working towards his Ph.D. degree and concentrated on the electromagnetic integration and optimization of resonant converter systems. From 2006 to 2007 he was a Post-Doctoral Fellow and from 2007 to 2008 a Research Associate with PES and has been a guest researcher at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. From January 2009 to July 2010 he is a Senior Scientist at PES, ETH Zurich, and is involved in teaching graduate and undergraduate courses, co-supervising Ph.D. students and leading industry research projects. Since August, 2010 he is Associate Professor and Head of the Laboratory for High Power Electronic Systems at the ETH Zurich. 

His current research interest include multi-phyiscs modelling, design and optimization of power electronic systems, in particular systems for future energy distribution/transmission and pulsed power applications, advanced medium voltage power electronic systems based on novel semiconductor technologies, e.g. SiC and integrated passive components for ultra compact and ultra efficient high power converter systems. 

Dr. Biela has published more than 40 journal and 110 conference papers, and holds more than 25 patents. He is a member of the IEEE, active as Associate editor for the IEEE transaction on power electronics and acting as reviewer for all leading power electronic journals and conferences. 


Journal Papers

Conference Papers

PhD Thesis

Master Thesis
  • Menzi David, Design and Testing of a Three-Phase Back-to-Back High Current GaN Converter, SA.
  • Frick Johannes, Integral Quantification of Power and Mass Flows on Machine Tools for the Identification of Energy Efficiency Potentials, MA.
  • Allemann Sebastian, Zuverlässigkeit von hochkompakten und -effizienten bidirektionalen Gleichrichtern 230V AC / 400 V DC, MA.
  • Scheuss Oliver, Converter System for Electrical Excitation of Synchronous Machines, MA.

Further Publications

  • Burkard J., Biela J., Control of Electrical Converter with Parallel Half-Bridges.
  • Fuchs S., Biela J., Transformatorenanordnung und isolierter Konverter mit mehreren galvanisch getrennten AC- und/oder DC-Ausgängen für einen grossen Leistungsbereich.
  • Jehle A., Biela J., Hybrider DC-Schalter.
  • Gerber D., Biela J., Blokesch G., High dynamic and high precision signal processing for an optical current measurement system.
  • Jauch F., Biela J., Konverterschaltung und Verfahren zum Ansteuern einer Konverterschaltung.
  • Kolar J.W., Biela J., Voltage converter i.e. alternating-current to direct-current converter, for e.g. electronic device, has flyback converter connected with alternating-current terminal, so that voltage is applied between primary side connecting points, DE 102010027492 A1.
  • Ranstad P., Linnér J., Biela J., Soeiro T., Method for the operation of electrostatic precipitators, WO 2011157829 A2.
  • Kolar J.W., Soeiro T., Biela J., Ranstad P., J., Linnér, Method to minimize input current harmonics for power systems such as ESP power systems, US 9331561 B2.
  • Aggeler D., Biela J., Kolar J.W., Switching device having a JFET series circuit, US 8912840 B2.
  • Kolar J.W., Biela J., Hassler D., Bidirektionaler, verlustarm schaltender Konverter (Control concept and topology for a bidirectional, soft switching PFC converter).
  • Kolar J.W., Miniböck J., Biela J., Method for controlling active converter circuit in power electronic system, involves determining two time periods, and deactivating bidirectional conductive switches after detection of zero-crossing of current.
  • Biela J., Marxgut C., Kolar J.W., Carrier for electronic circuit, has magnetic core arranged in carrier, and windings passing around magnetic core and sectionally integrally formed with carrier, where windings are formed by conductive paths and vias.
  • Biela J., Giezendanner F., Kolar J.W., Operating device for e.g. LED, of lighting system for lighting e.g. rooms, has power factor correction circuit comprising storage throttle that comprises secondary winding, where winding is swiched in series with coupling capacitor.
  • Biela J., Kolar J.W., Aggeler D., Switching device with a cascode circuit, US 8723589 B2.
  • Biela J., Kolar J.W., Aggeler D., JFET series connection, US 8760214 B2.
  • Biela J., Badstübner U., Discharge circuit for reducing over voltage of rectifier arrangement, has inductor and switching element to control current through inductor, where inductor is magnetically coupled with inductor of rectifier arrangement.
  • Biela J., Kolar J.W., Schönberger J., Control device for controlling line current of hybrid twelve-pulse rectifier system, has modulation function generator modulating output voltages of three-phase diode bridges such that pulse width-modulated three-phase voltages are combined.
  • Kolar J.W., Biela J., Giezendanner F., Control input driving method for e.g. Zener diode, involves galvanically decoupling input by transformer, and switching on and off input by transformer transmission of bipolar voltage impulses from control unit as clock signal source.
  • Kolar J.W., Biela J., Giezendanner F., Operationg device for illuminant i.e. ballast, of e.g. LED, has power factor correction unit symmetrically formed such that load choke is dividedly arranged on longitudinal branches, and diode poled opposite to another diode.
  • Biela J., Kolar J.W., Bortis D., Marxgut C., Device for milling and drilling rock with high energy pulses, has electronic power switch through which high discharge current and high energy are introduced into the rock, during milling and drilling.
  • Pereira E., Braun M., Fink J., Knödgen H., Kolar J.W., Biela J., Giezendanner F., Ballast for a gas discharge lamp, for example an HID lamp, EP 2208402 B1.
  • Bortis D., Waffler S., Biela J., Kolar J.W., Method for determining reference value of current of input capacitor of pulsed power system, involves removing pulse current of input capacitor for short duration at beginning of pulse period.
  • Bortis D., Biela J., Kolar J.W., Apparatus for low-loss negative pre-magnetization of high-power pulse transformer of pulsed power system, has recovery diode located in current flow direction between input of polarity changer and end of series inductor.
  • Plesko H., Biela J., Kolar J.W., Drehstromantriebssystem mit hochfrequent potentialgetrennter bidirektionalen Koppelung der Versorgungsspannungen.
  • Biela J., Plesko H., Kolar J.W., Drehstromantriebssystem mit motorintegriertem Hochfrequenztrafo zur bidirektionalen Koppelung der Versorgungsspannungen.
  • Biela J., Putzi-Plesko H., Kolar J.W., Three-phase drive system for use in hybrid vehicle, has battery supporting auxiliary direct current voltage and directly arranged between positive and negative output voltage rails of secondary-sided rectifier circuit.
  • Kolar J.W., Biela J., Active suppression device for common-mode and serried-mode interference of converter, includes electronic power converter connected to symmetrically divided inductances of suppression device.
  • Biela J., Weis B., Zero phase sequence voltage filter for inverter with self commutating power supply rectifier and DC lind circuit has path provided for zero phase sequence voltages between link circuit output and rectifier low pass input filter.
  • Bruckmann M., Beuermann M., Biela J., Braun M., Fleisch K., Netzold V., Schierling H., Simon O., Weis B., High clocking rate frequency converter has silicon carbide Schottky free-running diodes, current valves controlled by switching frequency above 20 kHz, matched filter corner frequency, DE 10204827 A1.
  • M., Braun M., M., Bruckmann M., M., Beuermann M., Biela J., Fleisch K., Schierling H., Weis B., Converter equipment employs Peltier elements for heat dissipation.
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  • Braun M., Bruckmann M., Beuermann M., Biela J., Fleisch K., Schierling H., Weis B., Power converter device.